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Post Production Services Los Angeles

We offer backing tracks, mix & mastering, and & post production services Los Angeles. We specialize in creating High Quality Custom Tracks for musicians and companies. Any song, style, or genre of song can be made into a crystal clear high quality track. We also produce original songs when anyone utilizes our post production services Los Angeles and backing track services. Songs can be customized and can even be put in your key of choice. Our music tracks don’t sound like amateur store bought tracks. We custom create them new and fresh track by track! We do not use a vocal elimination machine within our post production services Los Angeles or backing tracks since that leaves the track sounding washed out.



Our post production services Los Angeles are primarily for the bands and companies who demand better quality custom production. We usually create those songs not found in stores. We’re not a Karaoke store selling the same tracks to everybody. Jazz, Big Band, Show, Orchestral and the more complex tunes take a little more time and will run more. Pro Tools sessions can also be sent via DropBox! Each track is custom created for you personally. Your track will be unique and remain one of a kind. If it’s a backing track you seek it will be copied exactly like the original, same key and everything unless there are custom instructions. Samples and references are available. Send an mp3 through e-mail of the song you want to do and we’ll get back to you. Our post production services Los Angeles remain unbeaten to this day since we provide the highest quality at the lowest price within the music industry.


post production services los angeles

About the Senior Sound Engineer – Post Production Services Los Angeles

Jenny Rose is a Sound Engineer/Designer with 10 years experience in post-production, recording, mixing, and mastering. She specializes in custom backing tracks, full length albums (EP’s as well), and custom audio design. Let’s get further in depth about what else Jenny can do for your project or record label:


post production services Los Angeles


Jenny is interested in creating high quality sound tracks for your music production that are crystal clear and maintain professional industry standard. Her experience ranges from live sound for signed international bands, post production services Los Angeles, all the way to various musical genre album releases. Jenny takes pride in helping musicians achieve very powerful, clean, precise tracks that generate more income towards their band or music group. Over her 10 years of sound arts experience she has learned various secrets and strategies used in today’s professional music recording industry that bring in immediate listeners either its a backing track, mix & mastering, or post production services Los Angeles. She would like to help you achieve these secrets of success towards album sales, and most importantly the overall sound quality that brings a powerful connection to the listeners.

Jenny’s expertise includes the following (but not limited to):

– Rock
– Heavy Metal (Thrash/Power Metal/Black Metal/Prog/Death Metal)
– Punk Rock
– Meditation/Sound Healing
– Commercials/Jingles
– Video Game Sound Tracks
– Video Editing
– Pop
– Hip-Hop
– R & B
– Opera
– Classical
– Flamenco
– Jazz
– Country
– Alternative
– Educational
– Traditional/Tribal/Spiritual
– Psychedelic

Please feel free to view her portfolio,

If you are satisfied with what you see please feel free to send an email or give us a call.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I hope to hear from you.

-Jenny Rose

Rose Sound Productions (Senior Sound Engineer)



Hourly Wage: $30

Starting non hourly project based costs range from:

-$100+ for a custom mix or master (single song)
-$150+ for custom mix and master (single song)
-$600+ for 5-6 song EP (mix/master)
-$900 for a 7-12 full length album (mix/master)