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Rose Sound Productions Session Player Services

Session player services are essential for any recording artist or record label if their production is missing any additional vocals, keyboards, guitars, bass, or percussion. If you want to take your project to the next level we offer session player services any time you need our help. We have helped many music artists of all types of genres fulfill their ideal sound within their latest releases and projects. Professionals know when to call in for support and never hesitate to do what it takes to deliver their true innovative sound. Feel free to contact us for your free quote on session player services today.

Sesssion Player Services

Session Player Services Examples

A few examples of what kind of session player services we've offered are additional opera vocals for various colleges/schools, atmospheric keyboards for metal/rock bands, bass lines for various R&B recording artists, guitar leads for multiple blues hard rock bands, live drums for countless bands and new forming projects. All of which have utilized session players completely to their advantage. Best part yet is that all artists retain their rights to these session player services, something other studios won't want to do for you.

Session Player Services


Electronic music session players are also available. All inquiries can be made via email or phone call.

An average rate for a session musician ranges from $40-$60 an hour or $75-$100 per song.



Session Player Services

Many great artists and songs included session players either they were hired by

the record label or recording artists themselves.

If your song feels like it is missing something chances are they need

additional keyboards, backing vocals, or even a missing bass track.

Session Player Services

MIDI Session Player Services

MIDI drum tracks and live drum tracks are also an option.

So anytime you have a song that is in need of additional drum tracks

always know that Backing Track Express has the best session players

on call within the Hollywood and San Fernando Valley.